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In Katie & Missy's Apartment '99
  September 1, 2002

We're Married!!!!

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Katie Mazis & Sebastian Goldstein were introduced on a blind date by their mutual friend, Danny Binstock on October 8,1999. They fell in love that very same day and have been together ever since. In June of 2000 Katie and Sebastian moved to Santa Barbara, California.

Just a Coincidence???

The Bouquet and The Garter

On September 2, 2001 (Katie's 27th Birthday), Katie and Sebastian attended Sebastian's cousin's wedding. 

Bill Borenstein & Pam Carberry became Mr. and Mrs. Borenstein that day. They were married at the May's Landing country club outside of Atlantic City, NJ.

When Pam threw her wedding bouquet, guess who caught it?  That's right - Katie.

And, then just a few minutes later when Bill through Pam's garter, guess who caught it?  That's right - Sebastian.

They were engaged just one month later.

The Engagement:
October 8th 2001 was the second anniversary of the day Katie and Sebastian met. They went out that evening for a fancy dinner at the Wine Cask in Santa Barbara, CA. When they returned home after dinner Katie opened the door to see over 100 candles lit in their living room. Katie thought that Sebastian had just performed this romantic gesture to celebrate their second anniversary, she had no idea what was coming... Read More
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